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The CINEKO Company welcomes you on our web site
and wishes you health and prosperity.

The CINEKO was established in 2006 by the group of specialists that have great and unique experience with the system projects in television and film production fields. Some of the completed projects are listed under the job experience part.

Described above job experience helped us come up with an idea of starting a company that is able to solve different problems / questions that appear while implementing such complexes.

That means that we not only work over the main sections of the preliminary design and deliver equipment, but also work out the related sections such as: architecture-planning suggestions and equipment placing plans, energy supply and ground, ventilation and conditioning, design and acoustics, access control and structured cable system SCS, public address, warning (alarm) and fire fighting, etc.

The CINEKO company is ready to carry out all the necessary work content, including:

- choice of the main engineering solutions and working up of the requirements specification; 
- creating technological and technical projects; 
- creating interfacing project parts;
- creating work documentation;
- equipment delivery;
- equipment installation, starting-up and adjustment
- complex system testing;
- staff training;
- guarantee and on-going support.

Great experience gained by our specialists in realization of the big technological complexes, allows us to provide:

- optimal and comprehensive offered technical decisions
- correct configuration that helps us to provide good quality and reliability of the purchased equipment 
- considerable economy of the funds which is achievable because of direct communications with all the manufacturers of the delivery equipment
- accurate scheduling of project implementation and procurement
- competent staff training and further support, guarantee and on-going support.

In conclusion we would like to let you know that high qualifications and great experience of our specialists can guarantee you full realization of any project on time that will meet high technical and organizational standards.


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